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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for đóng cửa
I 'm about to be completely honest with you guys! This is the best hair! very soft ,no shedding , Would honestly recommend CGG hair to everyone this is the only company I buy from!
I LOVE this closure! I dyed it and bleached the knots. It blends great with my Kendra’s boutique 4bundles of 26-26-28-28 hair. Definitely my new vendor for closures!!! Thanks you guys! Also it came within 3-4 days.
Slight smell but I like it a lot so far! I ordered a 16 inch closure along with 2 18 inches. I’m truly exited to start making wigs & I’ll be using this hair for my first real wig. The seller is BEYOND NICE & very professional. She KEPT me updated, I will definitely be ordering more from her. Probably the one I order from at that! I will keep you all posted after making the wig.
So I ordered the hair on Monday afternoon and I just got it yesterday, when I opened my package it came with a beauty blender, and the closure was everything , it’s really thick which is a good thing to me , I wet the closure with water and then I added conditioner to it, and that just made it so much fuller and just everything I hoped it would turn out to be , I look forward to ordering from Ali Annabelle
P urchased this hair for my daughter for prom and can't wait to see it once it completed. I've been purchasing hair from Nadula for years and love them. Delivery is always fast and if their is any issues they take care of it quickly.