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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for clevo keyboard laptop
I wasn't sure if it would fit in my Sager NP8652 or (Clevo P650SG) as after 3 years of use the original keyboard was having problems. some of the keys were having problems registering with a single tap. so I searched online and ordered one from this seller. received the product in 10 days. the package was bend. upon unpacking, saw that the keyboard was bit bend as well. bending it light pressure at the opposite direction solved it. once swapped it with the original keyboard the backlit worked but few of the keys weren't working. so I removed the keyboard to realize the fat cable wasn't all the way in. once I pushed it all the way in, all keys are working as well as the backlit options. I am totally satisfied with the seller. highly recommended as a cheap but functional alternative of the stock keyboard.
Good material but the measures are not 100% accurate. Some parts the skin does not stay, is a shame. I give 4 stars because it works, otherwise i would give 3!