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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cleaver knife
I ordered 210mm blade length, received 240mm, which I then changed my mind towards and now prefer. Ending up doubly-happy :D *Take note: millimeter numbers are misaligned! "240mm" measures 210mm; "210mm" must be ~180mm
A nicely balanced knife in the hand that has good weight without being overly heavy. Packaging is a corrugated box surrounding a shop presentation box with the knife enclosed in a plastic envelope. Very good value if you are looking for a vegetable/meat knife. I suspect it would be hard work using it as a cleaver as more weight would be required for heavy bones. The edge on the blade is slightly inconsistent which can be readily refinished with a sharpening steel or stone. Great value knife that I hope to have in the kitchen for a long time to come. Shipping time was blindingly fast. Very impressed with the logistics!