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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for charge the galaxy s8
I receive it and pleased with it.this cable with led light and it is very durable.there are the photos,and the cable looks very luxury.I can say this is the most handsome cable I have ever bought.Thank you seller.I recommend it.
I love this LED cable.convenient to use and high quality.I buy black color cable this time.I think I will try another two color next time.Thank you seller for such great cable.
Really amazing cable and the led is so great.I love it and have used it for several weeks.there is no problem at all.the wire is nylon braided and high quality.I recommend this cable to you and I think everyone should own such cable for his phone.really nice.I advise.
I've been using wsken mini 2 for about six months, and I'm very happy with the cables so far. One cable fits all devices! Fast charge and long lasting design. I've seen cheaper magnetic cables where the tip that's in your device breaks easily if you drop your phone or whatever, but this is not a problem with these. My kid regularly uses my phone as a hammer, but no problems so far. Well worth the money.