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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for phim hoạt hình búp bê
Hello .. The supplier is very sensitive, very concerned and very kind .. product is great, excellent .. many thanks .. it is great to work with you .. this wonderful baby just arrived in 14 days .. you guys are wonderful people ..
very nice doll! loved the tan color! her knees do lock which does cause for you to have to pull the joint out and get it no longer stuck but it's not that bad! love her!
Have not received it yet, but its not seller´s fault. Its my country mail service that´s very bad. The seller is awesome, very attentive and helpful. When I get my package, I´ll write about the product.
She's absolutely beautiful. She's heavy and great quality. No visible magnets. She's strung WAY too tight, so her legs want to bend constantly, but I'll just have to restring her or wait for the strings to loosen a bit. Not a huge deal. The seller included a sleeping faceplate, the usual sponge, eye putty, Velcro for wigs and some really nice glass eyes. I would definitely order again! I can't wait to dress her!
I like the doll, very nice, no smell, maybe a bit smaller than described, but owerall experience is good. Packed in regular envilope, so cannot use as a present. You have to pack yourselt. Doll itself is geat! I recommend seller and product!