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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cardigan phụ nữ phụ nữ
I am 176 cm's tall and this fits PERFECTLY. It gently brushes the floor when I walk and billows in the breeze. Perfect!!! Thank you!!!!!! Arrived the fastest I've ever had an Aliexpress parcel (all the way to Canada) and is EXACTLY as shown. I 100% recommend this seller! I just wish there were more of these in other colours! Perfect! So extremely vivid!
So, when I got the dress it was lovely. Slightly sheer but decent quality material that felt like a cotton blend and it looked very much like all of the photos. I love the hem and the side slits, along with the collar. The inside lapel I wish had a few stitches to pin it to the inside of the dress so it didnt flap or crease strangely and there was no way for the dress to be held closed other than the belt!!!! This is definitely more of a robe than a dress, especially since the two pockets on the front (yay!), mean that you cant order up and wrap it tightly around you to avoid accidental exposure. I will definitely have to sew some snaps or hooks into it to make it "safer".
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