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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for carbon samurai sword
Shipping: I am very pleased with how the seller shipped this sword. The blade was coated in grease and it had a plastic wrap around the sword for protection. The sword was properly shipped and it sustained no damage whatsoever in shipping. There was no problem going through American customs and it shipped on time. Customization: Note to anyone wanting to buy this sword, it is fully customizable (some things cost extra all of mine were free). I got my name engraved in Japanese and I asked for different colors on the sheath and handle and they all look nice and do not effect the functionality of the sword. Sharpness/Durability: It can cut through a piece of paper like it says in the product description. I cut through one like it was a razor blade (if you use a dull sword it will just get butchered and crushed). I haven't tested out the durability but the sword feels sturdy. I would recommend this sword to anyone, it has an excellent price tag on it and it is a very well made sword.
Build quality is superb. Everything is tight. I am yet to pull it all apart though. It looks just like the pictures. The blade is quite sturdy. Thicker than the traditional katana, but perfect for my needs. Cuts through branches with ease. I think it will handle bamboo wrapped in tatami too. All in all, a phenomenal sword. Thank you.