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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for canon close up
They arrived in a little bubble wrapped bag. They fit good onto the lenses. The magnification is awesome but too do need to get used to using them. They really are for closeups only. The bigger the magnification the shallower the depth of field. You can stack the lenses on top of each other but then the depth of field is insanely shallow. They are really fun to use.
Very good in every respect: The product is of really good quality (meticulously processed solid metal, and not plastic as some have written!), a really fantastic price, and an unbelievably fast delivery without any problems. This way you continue to truly amaze me. Well done, thank you!
The transport period was very quick, thanks for it. But, there is a little scar in the case. If it wasn't, I would make a 5 starred comment here :) However, I don't take it as a problem.
Amazing supplier, I asked if they could rush my order because of an urgent job and they did gat the lenses in my front door in a few days. Couldn't be more satisfied... Recommend absolutely. The best so far. Quality of the material is wonderful. Top top top supplier.