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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for camera ip wifi
Item received. It passed through the customs while an exactly similar item order did not pass 1 month ago. I had to pay extra for that.I will check the following day if it is in good condition and report. It needed about 20 days to arrive to Cyprus which is very good.
the quality of the product is good, according to the order, and it has been checked all, the normal works well, but I do not feel comfortable paying 30% goods purchase tax, from the purchase price of goods, and the most I wonder why the taxes I received from the parties DHL, after the goods I received, why not before?
Hello :) This kit is perfect, against the waves have trouble crossing the walls, however I found a solution: add a CPL socket and configure the cameras in WiFi repeater mode :)
Delivery was very fast. Installation was also easy. However, there is a lack of documentation for NVRs. Seeing things on a cell phone doesn't work as described. It would be fantastic if this could be improved.
cool product. easy setup. only the alarm can be better. now it will go off when someone walks by but it would be better if it see something for example 5 seconds. verry fast delivery