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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for by wig
I have been wearing this hair for three days now. And I really like it so far. The seller was really nice and always kept in contact. The hair is really good and soft. It regained its curl after I washed it. There is some shedding, but hey its curly hair so I wasn't really bothered by it.
Oh my gosh the best quality hair ..this the 10times ordered from this seller never been disappointed.the best hair ever i can tell because i order from different store but this is the best one ever..thanks you so much .also good cuatomer service and fast shipping 3 days..i am so happy...
The hair got to the uk in 4days well happy about that and for the hair it did come dry really dry but once I washed it and deeply conditioned it.. it came out very soft but haven’t put it on yet so I will take pictures and give a update later on how it’s holding up
I have had this hair for about 3 weeks and it’s honestly been really good to me. You can straighten it and it holds. Only think i will say is after 3 weeks its started to tangle a little at the back and it does shed. Its not massive amounts but its noticeable. I really love it apart from the shedding. I would purchase it again 100%. I mean it looks so real u wouldn’t even know i have a wig on. Plus its soo light in weight its great.