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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bulgaria vòng
Very good quality for price. You can tell it is better quality because it is heavier in weight, and the crystals are sparkly and clear. Often, I'll buy an inexpensive item, but it is so badly made, it can even be ugly. But this is the kind that is inexpensive and well-made. It was also wonderfully packaged. The ring was tightly sealed in plastic and very securely wrapped in bubble wrap. One of the best safe, secure packaging I've seen in my time purchasing items here. I really appreciate it. Another thing I appreciate about the ring is its underside. The underside of the flower that rests on top of your finger when you put it on is completely smooth, ensuring a comfortable wear. I had bought the same style ring from a different seller and it had a sharp point underneath the flower so that it would stab into your skin while you wear it. But this one doesn't!! The metal detail is not perfect (the loop), but it makes up for it in other ways. Cheap, safe, great quality. I RECOMMEND!!
I love the rings this company sells and I personally own over 20 of them. They are stunning and are good quality. I have never had any issues and highly recommend them.
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