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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for vú vòng
This jewelry organizer is wonderful! I have two others that I bought off Amazon and while I am quite happy with all of them, this one is the best of the three. I was looking for an organizer that 1) has MANY hoops to accommodate all my necklaces, and 2) has Velcro hoops. I purchased another organizer from another discount site expecting the hoops to be Velcro. Nope. Sewn hoops and terrible quality with that one. It went in the trash so I was looking to replace that one and I found this item. It arrived in 20 days. It has 20 Velcro (yay!) hoops to hold necklaces and bracelets, 32 small pockets to hold rings and earrings (or snap buttons in my case), and 8 larger pockets to hold watches or bracelets. The quality seems quite sturdy and durable. The buttons snapped around my hanger and I have not had a problem with it in the few days I have had it. I am so impressed with this organizer that I have ordered another one. I highly recommend this product.