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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for brazil tóc dệt bundl
I ordered my hair on Thursday and received it Monday. I love this seller. This hair is great quality for the price. I'm a person who reads reviews and watch videos before purchasing hair, and to whoever is reading this you are making the right decision. I've bought from other sellers who are the same price or a lot bit more expensive and they don't even composer.
Initial review the hair is great I bought the hair March 9th it was processed and shipped within a few hours I received the hair today March 14... wasn’t really much communication but the tracking number helped. I ordered the lengths 14,16,&18 and only got a few strands of shedding. The hair is softer but still reeeaally thick! I’ll leave a better review after I’ve actually worn it.
Amazing hair i always order here. This time i coloured the bundels Black and hair is still soft. Last time i coloured bundels first purple than blonde and hair is still soft and good after two years !
very surprised with the good quality, esp with 613 hair. A majority of 613 sheds a lot, but this hair gave me hardly any problems. i am going to order the hair again. love it
nice hair. bit dry and course but it's been bleached and primed so I expect it. I can manage. with lot's of conditioner. I mixed with other hair I bleached myself. thick bundles, true to length. excellent customer service. 3days to deliver!