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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hộp đa phương tiện
Excellet quality scart hdmi to hdmi converter with low price!!! Now I can watch old recordings from my old dvd-recorder attached to new led-tv witch don't have scart anymore. Thank you.
Delivery to Mumbai India in 11 days. Had to collect the product from local post office. Good product. Exactly does what it's meant to do. Audio from HDMI source can Be split to speakers. Especially of you have a Ps4 and it's connect to a Pc Monitor. This is the Best way to get audio out to a normal speaker with 2.5 mm audio jack.
2 weeks delivery from China to Canada. Good product received and tested. Good package and good looking device. The pictures do not dysplay enough details, as the product does. The back contains all the connections, the front contains all the buttons and leds. The remote has all the necessary buttons. Time will tell me the quality and endurance.
Great device! It helped me connect the DVI-monitor, TV and two sources of the signal to a satellite receiver and media player. One drawback is the weak signal on the analog audio output.
Bought this to connect my PS4 Pro to 4k HDR TV and 1080p monitor. At first I thought it didn't work, but the issue was with poor quality cable (cable did work when directly connected though). With a better quality cables everything is perfect (FYI cables are even lengthier, 1,5m each). Great product!