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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for boku no hero academia tsuyu
Everything about this product is amazing!!! The only issue I find about it is that everything for the XXXL fits but the jacket seems like it belongs to a L but says XXXL??? The jacket is good quality however, but I cannot use it. The skirt is adjustable and can fit many different waist sizes. The white shirt it comes with will definitely need to be ironed! The tie is a zipper tie and can easily be put on and taken off! The Cosplay also comes with stretchy thigh high socks that can basically fit any leg size
Very minor slight imperfections, otherwise I am happy with the product, it is as described. It is a bit large, and comes with a free smartphone 3.5mm attachment plug, but the product is better suited for decorating bags or other things as it is kinda big. The seller also included some cut out stickers, and a cute little bag.
Everything is identical to the pictures, they’re also pretty nicely sized which is nice! The freebie stickers and even a lil freebie LL keychain are a nice touch heh ,, also came surprisingly fast woahhhhh :))