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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for áo lolita
Material is very nice and thick, it is soft in the inside because it is fleeced inside. Very nice for winter and colder weather. Few threads sticking out here and there but that’s honestly okay. Very nice fine details on the chest if the blouse, comes with a tiny ribbon you can attach around the collar. (Didn’t take a pic of it though) When ordering for this shirt just make sure you get your measurements correct. My bust is bigger than my waist so I focused on my bust measurement more than my waist. It took a while for it to arrive but I think that’s mostly because of US China trade friction going on, which delayed many orders to USA, not just me. The seller communicated with me well and was very detailed and communicative. Definitely would purchase from this store again in the future.
Amazing quality! I intended to turn it into a short sleeved blouse but the quality is so amazing that I would feel like a barbarian! It's super comfortable and the inside has fleece so it is warm and not see through. The details are gorgeous too and this is probably one of the best purchases I ever did on Aliexpress