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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for đen tai
good for the price, the pink on the inside of the ear is pretty sheer (sadly) and its honestly just hotglued together, so its a cheap product. but for only a dollar, i think what i got was worth it for the price. just a cute accessory. but be warned- the bells are loud and if you have cats, they will never leave you alone.
the product took about 3 weeks almost a month I really didn't have too much information with the sellers the product is really good this telecommunication and shipping was ASAP.. BUT the only thing I didn't like is that the lace around the ears are not very neat it's an extra on the side but besides that I love the product
I ordered 4 in different colors for the ladies I volunteer with at the SPCA Cat Shelter. They are cute and were well received. This is after I got one for myself in black. They are good enough to give as gifts. Slow shipping but the Vendor sent them out right away. Thank you.
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