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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for black choker leather
Impressed with quality, very fast shipping, tracking was accurate Choker circumference is a little shorter than some of my other chokers, but will still fit a small-average neck just fine Overall extremely happy with this purchase!
well I don't know how I feel about this but here I am, I order THE STRAWBERRY Choker but what I received it's the apple which is not on the description picture or options where you place your order. don't get me wrong but it's not what I order, besides that the quality is ok it is really velvet leather, well made but I don't receive the STRAWBERRY I'm SAD ☹
After I put on the collar, there are some pink strokes behind the collar, but it goes off as I dont understand, the posture is beautiful, very good quality. Thank you for this product
I already ordered a choker from this seller and the second time I'm happy. The delivery was a little long. I was given the wrong track code, but the seller solved this problem. Very caring seller, do not worry about the safety of your order. I recommend!
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