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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for beau
This hair bundle set by BEAU HIAR is pretty nice! The hair shaft is smooth and the texture is bouncy and full. The hair can be treated just like your own hair in terms of washing and conditioning. The hair bundles can also be curled or straightened depending on your personal preference. i would perhaps consult with a stylist in term of applying any color or bleaching. Please remember to comb your hair from the end then up to root to avoid tangles. Tie or wrap your hair while sleeping to maintain the original luster and manageability. I would recommend this hair to others.
Top 5 Best hair out there ! Will be buying again! This is my 2nd time purchasing and this hair is Amazing!!!! I send everyone the link and tell them about the hair. There isn't any down side to this hair and haven't had any problems. I keep it washed , no shampoo as much but conwashed when I go and get my hair washed and pressed at the salon but this hair is FLAWLESS!!
this is the real deal right here !! i bought this hair and bleached it and coloured it and this hair didnt shed one bit. this hair is the bomb everyone loves it. i will definately be ordering again