Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bath suit with mesh
The product is very nice, but the side of the cargo is too late. unfortunately it has been narrowed to me although you have written 38 in your body, and you are not wearing a xs / small body. I am disturbed by the money withdrawal. so I canceled the debate. If eger is approved, there is a refund request by passing your product. If it is a hard and tiring job to send, I will buy a product that I will not wear for the moment.
The swimsuit is simply charming. Loose material and well-branded everything. I'm excited. Delivery 18 days. My baby gurl is currently 7.5 months 70cm and is exactly in time (send 6-12month). For the summer it's definitely going to have to order a larger amount of time, because it certainly will not fit.
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