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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for backpack khaki
so I've just got the bag which I order around 15 days ago at a guess. first impression is really good more space then o expected and this is what I can fit in it. 3 GoPro plus 9 battery's and 4 ND filters . camera body and 2 lenses with battery grip (gh5). removu S1 GoPro gimbal in its case. dji mavic pro in its small shoulder carry case. which still leaves me with 3 compartments empty. I normal have a couple of battery packs and a hot water bottle with out question this bag is everything and more, the bag bag is not large it's perfect size for my frame I'm a slim build and I hate bags that make me feel like I'm wearing an army bag, which it doesn't look like it would take all of this but I'm so impressed. so for me it's perfect I even think I could put a days worth of clothes