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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for avid phanh pad
Tienen muy buena pinta , aunque aún no la he colocado, pero parecen buenas, y solo ha venido en una semana España, increible , ha sido un envío muy muy rapido , buen trabajo del vendedor, así da gusto compra en Aliexpress. They look very good, although I have not placed it yet, but they look good, and it has only come in a week. Spain, incredible, it has been a very fast shipment, good work from the seller, so it's a pleasure to buy on Aliexpress.
Perfect. Very fast shipping, and good quality. For some reason the description isn't quite correct/fully clear (for the good), so I ordered 2 pairs, and got 2x4 pairs. Basicly got 4 pads spare now. However this is not bad, but good :) Replacing them was a hassle, but I am assuming that it is my inabilitiy of being able to do that. They are currently slightly reducing the speed of the bike without being pressed, but it's so mild, noone would actually notice it. Again, most likely has to do with my inability of replacing them correctly.
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