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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ann cosplay
It was exactly what I needed for my panther cosplay! I didn’t receive anything ripped or broken and all I have to do now is take in the waist!! It’s just super hot too so be careful where you wear it
This item came pretty fast! Also the material on the suit is a lot better than I anticipated and it looks pretty nice. The package comes with most of the things youd need for the cosplay which is really helpful. All in all its really good for the price!
Very good quality! Only complaint was that it was a little too big for me, and the jersey was a bit too long, but other than that its perfect! Would highly recommend for any Ann Takamaki cosplayer!
Fantastic boots! I went with a customized order because I'm a little on the taller side with larger calves as well. The seller nailed the measurements I gave them. The boots feel great and the zipper is durable. One warning though, if you order larger than a 43 (26.5cm) they have to convert the heel into a low heel so watch out for that.