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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for animal sex anal dildo
wow! these are amazing quality dildos. I was worried that they would be too hard/rigid but they are VERY flexible and have a nice squish to them. Sizes are as described by seller and they have a nice weight to them. These do not have an odor at all, and are just amazingly made! I highly, highly recommend them and I will be buying more FAAK dildos for my collection! The seller shipped these very quickly, they arrived in the United States in only 2.5 weeks and they were packaged well, both in individual sealed bags with discreet packaging and wording on the package. I highly recommend this seller! and FAAK dildos! thank you very much!
good quality! unfortunately it's bent to the siide at an odd angle because the box they put it in was a bit small and it was smashed in shipping. over all you can't tell what was in it from looking at the package so that's great! it has an odd scent to it but if you air it out the scent goes away. that's normal with all brands from over seas and should be expected. it has a great overall feel and is a bit bigger than the picture. overall it's a great boy. packaging needs to be a bit bigger in the future to prevent deforming. i woul have given full stars if it wasn't for this reason. i suggest this to anyone looking at it and this is the best listing anywhere on the net.
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