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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for anet sd
French: Fonctionne très bien des la sortie de boîte juste 4 vis et on est bon. Testé avec cura ultimaker avec les réglages de la "CR-10". English: Works great right off the box just 4 screw and then good stuff come out. Try with cura ultimaker and "cr-10" settings.
printer is as espected. need to add some structual enhancements, but that is expected. take out 4-6 hours for montage, every tool needed is included. prints quite well, for your own models you will fail the first few attempts. for printing abs you have to build a case!
i order printer with 10m filament. seller contact me in short time because they hawe problem with this filament. i must pay extra charge 15$ and they send printer with 0.5kg filament. after unpacking and check i missing minimal 1 cable. i wait for mesage from seller abou this. i cant test functionality of printer. but i recomend seller because they comunicate but 4stars for problems :-) I hope next shopping was beter and also seller send my missing cable.
I received a parcel on 7/12. And started it the next day. The printer was delivered OK.All parts agree. Product is updated. I am satisfied and do not care about the previous story “But auto level sensor doesn't work.” And I have tried every way. And to the other anet a8.
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