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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for android ổ cắm
Nice device. But be careful: the SPS3 is labeled as SP3 on the device and on the box. On the box it has a blue circle that says it has the power meter function, but you should give it at least 24 hrs to work before the power meter starts to register the kwhours. I thought I had received an SP3 at first so it is a bit confusing.
Today i recived the plug. Installed it with no problem. App working good e-control . So far so good. If i remember, i will give additional feedback after few time of usage. For now all working perfect. Thank you seller for product and Aliexpress for all services.
Excellent product, love the service and the tracking offered. If you guys keep delivering good products - it's a huge market to cater too... I recommend Shinning Light Store - excellent service. I am placing a repeat order.