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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for android car stereo toyota corolla
The package arrived really fast. Everything was as described. Had to adjust it a little to fit in. Built quality is good. All the functions work including the wheel control buttons. Shipping was really fast and right to the door. Communication was great also. I really recommend this seller and product. Rnjoy every part of my new toy. I will upload pictures later.
Great head unit! But it did not fit 100%. I had to adjust the frame by enlagering the screw holes of the orignal car radio frame. I use this car radio in a Toyota Corolla E12 station wagon 2003 (european version). I can recommend it as it works very fast and also several application can be used at the same time. For the German customers: I paid 63.59 € as tax and customs additionally (delivered by DHL Express courier).
I really suggest this person ( Very high quality and different from the other ) , arrived within 12 days THANK YOU SO MUCH BRO , I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THIS PRODUCT but i requested from you Turkey Maps , You installed Israel maps Thanks
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