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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for anal plug ass massage
Product received fully a week before any other item ordered at the same time. Large was slightly smaller than my presumption expected, but the correct item. Seller did attempt to help me locate an item more to my desires / expectations.
So far, the most pleasant toy ive ever had, and i had lots. I like that it actually doesnt have that buttplug quality to it, and doesnt get narrower towards the base, meaning i can just sit stretched out all the time. It feels heavenly, and the small rings give a nice texture thats not overpowering, but noticeable. The hardness is perfect for anal play. Its not hard enough to hurt, but firm enough to let you bounce like a silly madman on it. Now if only i could get something of the same hardness thats the same width but longer, id be happy for life. I'll be honest here, the suction cup is more like a flat surface, and slightly deformed, more helpfull in it not tilting to the side, than actually sucking to anything.
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