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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for akcoo
The product is 100% accurate. got 2 glue, 2 glass protector, 2 screen cleaning kit, 1 uv light. I was very worried about the installation. but after I saw some videos on YouTube it went very smooth. please see YouTube videos before installing. and yes there will be a lot of excess glues. make sure you put a small sticker on the phone speaker and camera, so that it won't get glued :D be patient. the product is really good. I am really happy with it :D
i'm super amazed I did not expected this to be that good. i installed one and i want to mention that I had a deep and long scratch on my brand new S9+ was very easy to observe but after installing the protector I can not see the scratch at all no matter how hard i search. easy to apply but please put a small amount of glue because after you will need to clean a lot. but this is the best screen protector ever and i do not have any problem with sensitivity of the touch