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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for phụ kiện cho xe gắn máy
they look good and work good, you need to replace the flasher relay because they dont have resistors built in (i dont know for what reason are those things on the cable then) and you need to make connectors for your yamaha. on the front it was harder to mount because that cables are long and that thingies are big...for the price it should have it allready but i hope that the price will be for the quality...;-) and it came really quickly...thank you seller...:-)
good size for my laptop. shipped within 2 weeks and is really easy to stick on without it getting messed up. I even got a little keychain with it :'). would recommend this
This is 1 review of mine of 2 sets of this product. this one will get 4 stars, the other will get 3 stars. the flashing of the LEDs seems too fast, the last 1/3rd to 1/th never lights up. One had a damaged cable which I repaired myself. Other than those 2 problems it seems ok, I have installed them 1 day now.