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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 925 lot
I always received my orders on time. I have been their customer over a year. The seller answers your questions very honestly. This seller will never ignores you. If the seller can't answer right away, they must be holiday or weekend. I wish all sellers from this site like this shop owner. I can trust!!! I love the seller and the items from this shop!
I use them on all and any beads I wish to keep stationary and I love them. they work amazing. here I have the dragonfly and the carriage bead with the rubber stopper inside.
Absolutely satisfied with the product. these are7 super vibrant and very high quality earring hooks. perfect these will be good cause when i sell my earrings so no one gets rash or allergy eith cheap metal. so im glad i can give my customers the best of the best for a good price. thats how you get return customers. sell high quality for good price and they will be return customers. i sure will be a return customer im so glad i chose to buy from this seller.
It says Nickel allow on the package, so consistent with other comments. Very happy with the seller. The seller responded quickly and helped me correct some mistakes I made while writing the address. Thanks!
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