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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 911 jinhao
The nib is too scratchy, do not prefer the hooded nib, not any tiny of flexibility of the nib, no line variation. cosmetic is ok and deserves its price. a bit heavy pen. not for long writing session.
Reasonably priced with a look that is decent and stealthy enough to be used in an office setting without embarrassing oneself with a cheap Chinese pen that is trying too hard. This one tries just the right amount and is (probably) sturdy enough to be used as EDC. That said, it's not "extremely fine", an old Hero 329 I have is finer (while not making any pronouncements as to "extremely this" or "extremely that"). This one, I would characterize as a Medium Fine; it writes about the same as a Sailor Pro Gear Slim that I have with an MF nib. This Jinhao writes fairly reliably, but don't leave it unused for more than 3-4 days; it starts to dry out a bit.
The pen is good. Structure is rigid. The nib is fine. ink flow is a little bit wet. maybe it depends on a type of ink. overally the pen is good especially for its price. comes with an international converter from Jinhao. thank you seller for an accurate discription!
A good fountain pen. I bought this to feed my nostalgia for the old school 'Hero'. It looks pretty similar. The pen itself is pretty good and a bargain at the price. For lovers of the short-nib form factor, it'd be a good buy. The body is shiny chrome, and the writing grip is black plastic. The cap slides over the body with a satisfying precision and hold good posture when posted. The pen is very light and needs to be posted for better feel. It came with a converter- pretty much a look alike of my Lamy Safari screw-type converter- and it works surprisingly well. A good buy overall.