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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 8250u
The package and the mini PC arrived in good condition 7 days after the order. The PC is very well packaged, it corresponds to the description of the store. The PC case is very beautiful. According to my first tests, the PC is fast and works perfectly. For use of the internet and small office, the case is barely warm. The supplier responded quickly to my questions. I am wery satisfied with my purchase. Thank you. Best regards
Need to include documentation (BIOS settings, motherboard info, etc) for 5 stars. I'm also not impressed that a PC is shipped with a solid driver error on power up. (igfxEM). There apparently is no Win7 support for the Intel 620GPU, so the driver has to be hacked to properly install it. The C:/ partition should be a bit larger. I had to increase the size of the partition to get the Win7 SP1 update to run.