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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 8 inch android car
I had a few issues at the beginning of the product description but the seller was very fast to help me sort them out and compensated me for them. I cracked the LCD with a tool while installing the unit and he even helped me get a replacement screen for a good price to replace it since it was my fault for mishandling the unit. I am having a few quirky issues getting the OS to give me the right time and temperature for the US but I have confidence in the seller with the amazingly fast response time if you want to buy from a place that actually tries to provide customer support to their maximum ability buy here
After 5 days of stereo operation I can tell you that it is a great product. I want to talk before the CD player, remember, remember before installing the stereo to remove the screws at the top of the stereo, it's written too. ask this information to the seller because it is a protection, with the screws inserted will not enter the CD. After giving you this advice we talk about the stereo, really fantastic, you can use the steering wheel controls, comes with GPS, microphone, two USB inputs with two extensions and cables to connect the cameras for parking, the bluetooth works very well, both conversations on the phone that the music will feel great. the stereo is even better than the ones included in the new machine because Android is an open source system. shipment arrived in a very short time. Good packaging and seller always present. respond to every message. perfect. Thanks friend. big work. best regards from italy ottimo prodotto in tutto! qualità elevata!
Looks Worthy and feels like good Quality. To assmeble it, is not very difficult. Build it in an Outlander 3 from 2012. I have stock DAB+ Box in my car so I could use the Original Antenna with the DAB+ USB Dongle, you need a Fakra C to SMA male Adapter to use OEM Antennacable.. It works like charme. But I use the modiefied DAB+ App from Zoulou. It can handle favorites and there is no stutter when DAB App is in Background. Hoever the Media Player is a little outdated. No possibilty to show different Albums from Artists. All Song are displayed together in a long list. Thing I will change to Poweramp. OEM Rear Cam works fine but you have to connect the yellow Cinch from Power Adapter to the Cam In Cinch otherwise there is no picture when you only connect the grey OEM Cam Cable to the grey one on the power cabel.
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