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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 72 màn hình máy chiếu
Within the optimal viewing angle the impression is practically a TV (obviously, it will depend on the projector used). But there is a huge gain in brightness, contrast and color. The only downside is that by concentrating the reflection back into the light emitter, the consequence is a limited viewing angle with that brightness, but this is a feature of reflective screens.
Awesome screen, very good ambient light rejection, gold contrast, bright and accurate picture. See photo attached has Elite Screens 3D and 5D Screen samples and as you can see this screen is much better. Projector is JMGO V8 LED 1100 ansi Lumens
Had a quick test of this material when it arrived and it looks great. Optimal viewing angle is limited at 20degrees (+/- 0-10degrees from screen center) but the contrast and color are great. At bright scenes, light reflected directly to the viewer sitting dead-center in front of the screen can be too much sometimes. This means that this screen material is good even with ambient light. Highly recommened. Will probably order a bigger one next time.
The screen is very good overall. when sitting directly in front of the screen there is maybe a 20-30 degree viewing angle, outside this angle the screen becomes dark, this is a very very good ambient light rejecting screen. See photo, wall on the left side, screen on the right.