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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 7 hdmi monitor
The product itself is just awesome. T7 is one of the best in Feelworld's 4k lineup. Highly satisfied with its quality and features. Perfect for sony cameras. I am using with Sony a6500 & A7iii. I will post a complete review on my youtube channel soon.
Strange - in my received instance it seems that HDMI input doesn't work (VGA input - OK); I have tried it with two different devices ("no signal" message in both cases), not sure if some "special" HMDI cable is required to make it working; anyway, it is not big problem in my case (as VGA should be enough). Everything else looks good.
Item was shipped and arrived fast. Shipping box was banged up the the item was well insulated and arrived flawless. Instructions provided on the CD were clear and installation was a breeze.