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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 6b
Super beads! Neat, were packaged well. The seller put another gift. Thank you very much seller. Only a pity that the beads only 30, and like 100. The amount was not written anywhere. I recommend.
All of these beads are absolutely gorgeous, I’m pretty sure if you put them next to Swarovski and asked most people to pick which was which, they’d have trouble getting it right. For the price they are just perfect, there is a good selection of colors in the mixed bags so you can see what you might prefer etc. They all arrived in very good shipping time to NZ, & very well packed. I’m more than happy to recommend this seller and the beads. My thanks :) The photos are all mixed up as Alibaba makes it near impossible to find the right ones when you’ve got masses of photos, such a shame.
Pencils are good. But damage one pencil. I think shipment problem. Please be carefully before the shipment next time bubble package for the item. Any way I can be satisfied overall this item. Many thanks!