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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4gb gtx
Product as ordered, a nice fast pc, decent price although on the higher part of what's offered on AliExpress, considering the hardware it is more than fair. Temperature should be kept under supervision because this CPU has 4 cores and is rated as a 45w thermal output, so it is actively cooled (by a small on board fan (that will have to be inspected and cleaned periodically). All in all this is a higher end mini pc and I like it a lot . Recommended !!!
Installed new motherboard, powered up and to my surprize my laptop came alive working as it did before my old motherboard crashed. So far I am very satisfied with its performance, as a matter of fact I am postponing buying new laptop for a year.
Good quality like new. Tested motherboard and works perfectly without any fail. Happy about old-new laptop. Arrived later, but most was fault of my country courier. Good and recommender. Package was done ok and arrived without any damage. :)