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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 37 pin
Set up a temporary test bench to see if this unit could do half of what it claims, and it can. Connected to a Linear 30A DC power supply with 14.7 volts fed to the regulator maintaining 4.91V at 4A for over 10 minutes reaching a temperature of only ~27 Celsius The unit is well built solid Aluminium housing with metal plates screwed in on both ends. The unit may be filled with epoxy resin I was surprised at the small size of the unit 52L (not including screw mounts) x24H x36W mm weight 92 grams including 3x fly leads ~135mm long each. I expected the unit to get much hotter than it did, 25C is only warm to touch. See picture of the test setup. Extra meters were used as well as the RD UM34C to measure V, A & temp (Infrared not in picture)