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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 36v dc led
Please tell AliExpress to provide a tick box on the confirmations goods received page so that I can say that I give 100% feedback for this order with a single tick instead of many. Thanks, Jeff
Perfect condition although it was packed in a bubble bag only. Accurate description but i did not test it yet. I recommend buying it if you need something good and quite fast shipping, to Romania it took 2 to 3 weeks also the seller is open for special requests. Thank you!!!
Great packing, arrived without any damage. I didn't tried yet but looks cool. The placing (check the picture) not perfect, but It's not a decoration item. :) Arrived extremely fast, usually the packages (to Hungary) arriving around 30 days or more, this arrived under 10 days!!! Maybe the fastest for me ever. Huge five start!
I have made basics tests. And it is very precise does not matter the input. Measuring there is a difference between display and multimeter (±0.2V). but will work very well for me. Did not test with load