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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 2din đối với volkswagen
This model is very good, I recomend 100%. It works very fast, 2 sec after start ignition. The sound is also very good. All the aplications work, google maps, yanosik, spotify etc. Works with the sterring wheel and support can bus. Don’t buy another model because this is second I got and this is really awesom, the other one was a big mistake.
It took fucking forever to come, however the radio and it's quality is amazing. Does work perfectly with my Superb 2014. Both sound, bluetooth and gps work fine with the car. It does support skodas 12 speakers system and subwoofer.
Very fast shipping and low customs fees, the radio is running well and has many features and with a bit of patience and feeling you have it installed quickly - by the way the 4 keys fit badly