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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 26 inch phía trước
This hair is awesome there is little to no shedding at all I was also able to bleach this hair with no problem!!! I plan to order again from this company
The hair was more than I expected it to be, it was soft very pretty. It could have been less plucked in the front. I found a way to cover it up so it won't look so bald. I will order another unit from this seller. I am very please with this seller. The communication was excellent. This is an excellent seller with a great product.
This wig is absolutely amazing! It's so soft, thick and was basically ready to wear straight out the package. The seller's communication was fabulous. And I was able to receive my order within less than 5 days. I am crazy in love with this hair! Love the seller, will buy again!
I just received this and it look great. No need to bleach the knots or pluck the lace. However it does shed ALOT. Hopefully after I wash it the shedding will stop. Also I order this on the 29 th and got it In 4 days!!!!
Hey guys , ok love this wig I got it super fast of course .. was a lil thin, I colored it and cut it into a bob. The hair is some good quality blonde thou ! Great for a short cute look
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