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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 2010 ml gps
Incredibly easy installation. It perfectly fits in. All the buttons on the steering wheel have gone without any additional adjustments. The sound is better than the original radio.The vendor is preoccupied with the exact car model. Greetings!
Ok this is my review!!!!!! 1. The vamal tax in romania is very expensive 110 euro .2 The navigation is looking very good and is working ass well. 3 For instalation if you have a optical cable from genuine dvd to the amplifier you will need to do a by pass basically you will not use the amp anymore. The amplifier is under the driver seat a lot of work but worth!!! All sterling wheels comand work even show more on the main computer . This is for a Mercedes ml 320 cdi 2005 is have a question about the navy you can contact me on
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