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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 150ohm
Everything good! The earbud is very comfortable to use, they fit well inside the ears, the accessories are standard, but the case is good. Build quality is good(metal housings), the cable is really good, they sound a bit thin when using them in the normal way, but if you put them like in the photo, they sound better, really great sound, bass, mids and treble are good, but a little on the neutral side. Overall great buy!
Product works well. It arrives quite fast in just around 2 weeks time. I ordered the one with 2.5mm TRRS jack. SQ is really superb - pairing it with good DAC with balance output, to my ears the SQ is better than more expensive earbuds with standard 3.5mm jack. Build quality is decent. First time to have this kind of braided cable, jack has good quality. The earbud color is kinda glossy - giving it more "premium" feel. I'm not good in giving sound impression - better to look for other reviews/impressions on the Internet. I can only say that I really love it and in my opinion it suits various genres of music.