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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 12v 55w h1
The product is awesome, it fitted perfectly in my VW Jetta 2012 (Winpower headlights). The color is pure white, it's really hard to find bulbs like this one. I highly recommend it!
super fast delivering, i pay on 23th May and received on 31 May at malaysia using their free shipping, i have been buying stuff at Ali Express, but this Sinolyn their Shipping was alwaysbthe fastest and always impressed me. will provide picture before replace the bulb and after for reference. highly recommended seller. very satisfied. and the item is well packing for protection.
I am very curious why I received this package and not my other orders from November and December, 2017! I ordered 6 sets of lights from you store and didn't receive anything! I am relieved you refunded my both orders because I don't think I going to receive them! Thanks for this order...I should have ordered 1 package at a time and maybe I would have received all my bulbs!