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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 1155 i3
It is second hand mother board but it has a good price and works fine, it has good look, no scraches and other damges, at least I didn't notice them. I'm glad to have it. Thank yiu seller!
Item arrived first possible day out of the range is was scheduled to arrive, came in ESD protective bag comfortably nestled inside bubble wrapping and fit snug inside a near-exact shape box minimizing physical damage during its long international shipping. Item was used as described and matched its physical condition exactly as described in its listing. Item is fully functional and currently not malfunctioning or underperforming in any visible way. Overall very pleased with purchase experience, 100% would recommend store to colleague and 100% would shop from store again. Thanks!! - Russell V, USA
Mobo came packaged in antistatic bag and put in cardboard box with bubblewrap and you get I/O shield with mobo Everything is in working order,tested all ram slots,most ports and no issues Only thing is mobo is little dirty and 24 pin is harder to unplug
well packaged there is no bundle, only mb and the io shield, no cables... but I think its not a problem, let's specify it anyway the product works good, but there is no serial number visible on monitoring softwares like HWInfo64... i cant test OC because i have a 3770, i push it still 4100Mhz forced turbo => good cpu voltage